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Carbonless Forms Basics

November 4th, 2013 - Print Tips

Often times, businesses spend $100’s if not $1000’s of dollars a year refilling printer cartridges.   We use our laser-jet or ink-jet printer to produce multiple copies of the same form so that each department, client, customer, patient or applicant has a hard copy of the transaction or record between parties.  And, it’s understandable, because we all want a physical record that shows what we paid for, signed for or were promised.  But wait…. did you know that custom carbonless forms can cost a fraction of what it costs to refill those printer cartridges month after month?

Let’s talk about some useful facts to help make a informed decision before you order your NCR Carbonless forms

Carbonless Forms were traditionally NCR Multi-part forms that were bound together using a method called “Glue Edge Compounding”.  This method is used if there is no concern whether the recipient is given the 2nd part or 4th part of the NCR form.  Edge glued carbonless sets were our only option until the Mid 1980’s, when rotary presses made it possible to add a 5/8 inch “stub” with a perforation.  Now the 5/8 inch stub allows for easy tear-away of a single ply of the NCR form, whether it be the top part or bottom part of the Multi-Part form.  What’s more, the perforated stub can be manufactured on any side of the form, whether it be the top, bottom or either side of the carbonless forms.

NCR Forms

Carbonless Forms can serve many purposes, allowing any type of business to benefit from the flexibility and organization that NCR forms bring.   To meet your business needs and budget, choose 1 color to Full Color carbonless forms printing.  In addition, choose 2-Part forms, up to 7-part NCR forms.

Today, custom carbonless forms serve many purposes in a wide variety of industries.  Here’s just a few ways Carbonless Forms are used:

  • Quotes
  • Medical Forms
  • Employment Applications
  • Legal Forms
  • Invoices
  • Proposals
  • Delivery Forms
  • Sales Receipts
  • Contracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders

Hopefully this will help you make an informed decision on whether NCR Carbonless Forms are right for your business needs.

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